This chapter of the book will hold a list of all of the words in L'ewa as the time of this book being rendered. This may not be the most up-to-date list of words. See (TODO(Mai): ko finti le vlaste kibystu) for more words.

Root Words

blanublueis blue (color)
blodolongis long
bradobigis big/large/great in size
danmaanimalis an animal
deljaredis red (color)
dextumeatis meat/flesh
fawzoskinis skin/bark
fergothickis thick in dimension
firgubeneficialis beneficial/nice to
fi'xefishis a fish (kind of animal)
flawotastyis tasty/has a pleasant flavor to
flegograyis 50% gray (color)
futjotailis a tail
genzarootis a root (body part of a plant)
glowagrowto grow/get larger/increase in size
gra'ugrandparentis a/the grandparent of
haftoeggis an egg
helboheavyis heavy/has a lot of weight
hetlopinkis pink (color)
hu'tefruitis a fruit
jaflobirdis a bird/avian
jandigrassis grass
jexlotreeis a tree
jiftofatis fat
kligoropeis a rope/cord
kirtaCreatoris an infinite slice of an even greater infinite/our Creator/a Creator
kwarowideis wide/broad
l'ewalanguageis a language
liftaleafis a leaf
li'lismallis small/tiny/little
lornehornis a horn
luftafeatheris a feather
madsaeateats/consumes/is eating/to eat
mlatocatis a cat/feline
modlothinis thin in dimension
n'ixupleasantis aesthetically pleasing to
ni'hebloodis blood
nlaronarrowis narrow
pa'maparentis the/a parent of
pu'rowhiteis white (color)
qalnogreenis green (color)
qanrohealthyis healthy/fit/well/in good health
qa'tefastis fast/rapid in rate
qonmunon-binaryis non-binary/not defined by commonly used binary systems of classification
renmapersonis a person (not always implied to be human)
retnasnakeis a snake
ristunetworkis a network/graph/transportation system/distribution system
rosgifloweris a flower (plant body part)
spaloappleis an apple
spiroholyis saintly/holy/morally good to
sposuspouseis a/the spouse of
stugistickis a stick
te'ratealis teal (color)
ti'kochildis a child
tulpaconstructto build/construct
txananodeis a station/node of/in/on a network/graph/transportation system/distribution system
wognoboneis bone
womjowormis a worm/earthworm
wufradogis a dog
xekriblackis black (color)
xingasiblingis a/the sibling of
xitsashortis short/of little length
xu'zoseedis a seed
yeployellowis yellow (color)
zaskoplantis a plant/is vegetation
zloselouseis a louse/flea
'amwoloveto love


miMIme, Ithe current speaker
mi'aMIwe (system)the system of the current speaker, inclusive
mi'oMIwe (all)any speaker, any listener and any others
roMIyouthe listener
ro'aMIyou (+ system)the system of the listener
tiTIthisthe currently referenced object near the speaker
taTIthatthat (near listener)
tuTIthatthat (far away)
kaKAsubject markerexplicitly marks noun-phrase as the subject of the verb
keKAverb markerexplicitly marks following phrase as a verb
kuKAobject markerexplicitly marks following phrase as the object of the verb
loLOa/anindefinite article
leLOthedefinite article
laLOproper nounproper name article
gauJAnifnif (dec 36)
ra'oJAsomesome amount of/a few
soJAhow many?how many/number question
naNAtotal negationsomething other than, total negation
na'oNAscalar negationthe opposite of
naiNAparticle negationnegation of a particular particle
quQApast tensemarks noun phrase / verb as past tense
qaQApresent tensemarks noun phrase / verb as present tense
qoQAfuture tensemarks noun phrase / verb as future tense
qeQAperfective aspectmarks noun phrase / verb as perfective, or completed
koKOend of noun phraseexplicitly ends a noun phrase when the grammar is otherwise ambiguous
faFAorlogical or
feFAandlogical and
fiFAconnective questionwhich connective?
foFAif-and-only-ifconnects two units with the if-and-only-if connotation
fuFAwhether-or-notlogical connective of two units with the wehther or not connotation
xiXIsubject-verb separatorthe optional separator between the subject and the verb, sometimes needed when it is otherwise grammatically vague
hoiHOIrelative clausecreates a relative/descriptive clause giving more context to a given noun phrase, arguments should be verbs
joiHOIincidental relative clausecreates a relative/descriptive clause giving more incidental context to a given noun phrase, arguments should be verbs
maMAwhat/whichused to fill a missing noun-phrase
noNOverb questionverb question, used to fill a missing/unknown verb
xoiXOIhellohello, etc
xeiXOIgoodbyegoodbye, etc
a'aUIattentiveattentive emotional indicator
a'eUIalertnessalertness emotional indicator
aiUIintentintent emotional indicator
a'oUIhopehope emotional indicator
auUIdesiredesire emotional indicator
a'uUIinterestinterest emotional indicator
e'aUIpermissionpermission emotional indicator
e'eUIcompetencecompetence emotional indicator
eiUIobligationobligation emotional indicator
e'iUIconstraintconstraint emotional indicator
e'oUIrequestrequest emotional indicator
e'uUIsuggestionsuggestion emotional indicator
iaUIbeliefbelief emotional indicator
i'aUIacceptanceacceptance emotional indicator
ieUIagreementagreement emotional indicator
i'eUIapprovalapproval emotional indicator
iiUIfearfear emotional indicator
i'iUItogethernesstogetherness emotional indicator
ioUIrespectrespect emotional indicator
i'oUIappreciationappreciation emotional indicator
iuUIlovelove emotional indicator
i'uUIfamiliarityfamiliarity emotional indicator
o'aUIpridepride emotional indicator
o'eUIclosenesscloseness emotional indicator
oiUIcomplaintcomplaint emotional indicator
o'iUIcautioncaution emotional indicator
o'oUIpatiencepatience emotional indicator
o'uUIrelaxationrelaxation emotional indicator
uaUIdiscoverydiscovery emotional indicator
u'aUIgaingain emotional indicator
ueUIsurprisesurprise emotional indicator
u'eUIwonderwonder emotional indicator
uiUIhappinesshappiness emotional indicator
u'iUIamusementamusement emotional indicator
uoUIcompletioncompletion emotional indicator
u'oUIcouragecourage emotional indicator
uuUIpitypity emotional indicator
keiKEIemotion questionquestion about what emotion the other side of the conversation is feeling