I plan to have two main kinds of words in L'ewa. I plan to have content and particle words. The content words will refer to things, properties, or actions (such as tool, red, run) and the particle words will change how the grammar of a sentence works (such as the or prepositions).

The main kind of content word is a root word, and they will be in the following forms:

  • CVCCV (/ʒa.sko/)
  • CCVCV (/lʔ.ɛwa/)

Particles will mostly fall into the following forms:

  • V (/a/)
  • VV (/ai/)
  • CV (/ba/)
  • CVV (/bai/)

Proper names should end with consonants, but there is no hard requirement.

L'ewa is a stressed language, with stress on the second-to-last (penultimate) syllable. For example, the word "zasko" would be pronounced "ZAsko".

Syllables end on stop consonants if one is present in a consonant cluster. Two stop consonants cannot follow eachother in a row.